Thursday, November 03, 2005

empty white room

started a joint blog with a friend of mine at im an arab, hes a serb. general fun will ensue.

take a look at it, you might learn something. but probably not.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Quick question

a friend pointed this out to me:

The Dutch Flag

The Luxembourgish Flag
sorry, just wanted to ask.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

tag test

copy pasted, this better work...

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Live translation

im watching mehlis give a live press conference on aljazeera. the english talking is being translated into arabic on the spot via a voice over for the not-so-english savvy, as such:

Reporter 1: Will you investigate the bombing that happened after the hariri killing?
Translator: [Will you investigate the bombing that happened after the hariri killing?]

i think the translator was limited in his skills though. he continued and translated...

Reporter 2: Wann ist der Report erfolgt?
Translator: [uh...a german question...]

hahahaha nice cover. i love arabs...

Monday, October 24, 2005

Profit from pounds?

has anyone ever heard of the show "the biggest loser"? im watching it now and i think ive lost all faith in humanity. no, all of it.

for those who havent seen it, its a 'game show' where overweight people are put into two groups (the 'red' and 'blue' teams) and given a rigorous diet and exercise program to help them lose weight. Sounds like a good deed, right?

Beyond wrong.

At the end of each show, the contestants are made to weigh in to see how much they lost over the week. the weight changes are added up to make up a team 'score' and to determine how much the weight the team lost all in all. from this, they determine 'the biggest loser', the team that lost the most, and give them a gourmet health meal while the 'biggest winner'(?) are forced to choose a team member to vote off. this is usually the person who looses the least weight and is hence holding the team back.

this is sick...beyond sick. people around the world are getting televised entertainment watching fat people struggle to get thin. its like racing crippled people up stairs without wheelchairs and replacing the loser's wheels with octagonal ones for a week to punish him for being 'more paralyzed than everyone else'

this is entertainment? reality tv has gone too far. and whats worse is that its actually entertaining. i would be lying to you if i said i didnt watch the whole episode to see what would happen next, would aaron lose enough weight for the blue team or would his fatness make him a failure? find out after the commercial break! and coming up next, martha stewart will show us how to cook babies for breakfast!

this world is coming to an end...

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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Arabic wisdom

some wisdom from the sands of arabia:
[my ink is black, so dont ask my to draw a rainbow]
what i think is most brilliant about it is that it is actually done in black ink, as if to say 'look what i can do with black ink, just dont ask me the impossible. ' saying "My ink is black" is not stating a shortcoming or weakness, just a situation that the artist/poet has to work with.
then again what do i know about art, im an engineer...

better than the airforce...

Yet another treasure from the past, this one from my pixel art days.

ud actually be suprised at how accurate that is.

Whats missing?

I ordered a hamburger in a restaurant in athens...this is what i got:

can you tell whats missing? this should provide you with many many fun filled seconds...

Saturday, October 22, 2005

And the people rejoiced

Mehlis's report is out. We move from one aticipation to another...from waiting for the report to come out to waiting to see what will hapen next. hopefully my earlier post will be proven wrong, but mehils definatley did not draw a series of pretty pictures. oh well...maybe the next invistegation...

the report blames syrian and lebanese officials specifically, but gives few names. lahoud was mentioned, however, as having received calls from phone numbers involved in the assassination plot, giving rise to a general feeling of "Aha!" and calling for his resignation.

the presidential palace replied by saying "well, when the president receives a call, it dosent mean he will answer it neccicarily...we have alot of people in the palace you see..." brilliant rhetoric thats on the level of syria's "everything is a lie! we didnt do it!" they have the collective argumentative skills of a pinecone, and that makes me giggle.

a pine cone...not very argumentative now is it?

the immediate reactions in the streets were those of celebration. the future youth held a rally at hariri's grave last night. a friend of mine who was there described it as intense, with some new chants like "Ya lahoud, yalla nzel...hal kirseh bada rjel!" (lahoud, step down...this [presidential] chair needs a man!). nothing like political tension to rouse national creativity.